Jan 15, 2012

Import excel into datawindow

Tested in Microsoft Ofice Excel 2003

oleobject excel
long ll_hasil,ll_return,ll_count
boolean lb_cek
excel = create oleobject;
//connect to office application
ll_return = excel.connecttonewobject("excel.application")
if ll_return <> 0 then
messagebox('Peringatan','Tidak dapat mengeksekusi MS.Excel!',exclamation!)
destroy excel
return 0
end if
//open file excel (you can make this string as variable)
excel.workbooks.open( "c:\xls\contoh file excel.xls" )
excel.application.visible = false
excel.windowstate = 2
//cek rows in excel sheet with return value copy
lb_cek = excel.worksheets(3).activate
excel.worksheets(3).range("A2:Z5000").Copy //column range in excel files
ll_count = dw_1.importclipboard()
if ll_count <= 0 then
messagebox('Informasi','Data tidak ditemukan!')
end if
destroy excel;

How it works?
This script open excel file, read cell and copy to clipboard. And then insert into datawindow.
You also import multiple sheet or multiple excel file.

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