Mar 3, 2014

Are legacy 4GL applications keeping you from embracing modern technologies?

As the competitive advantages offered by cloud, mobile, and other new technologies become more apparent, the decision to migrate legacy 4GL applications is an easy one. Modernization unlocks the years of investment in these legacy applications, and restores competitiveness. But how do you decide upon the right migration approach? Should an application be retired, rewritten, re-platformed, or transformed? How do you ensure that new applications look and behave the same as they did in the legacy system, and that all business logic is maintained? The answer, and what this paper discusses, is a two-level strategy: one for determining what application-upgrade method is best suited to the application at hand; the second – if the applications is best suited to modernization via transformation — for determining the most efficient way to transform the application. The assessment and resulting documentation enables you to determine the pros and cons of each potential migration path, and choose the best approach and target technology for your business.

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